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Fellowship nominations

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Fellowships of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture are awarded via a nomination process - it is not an application procedure. A candidate must be Proposed by a Fellow and have two Supporters, at least one of whom must be a Fellow of the Institute; the second can be any Corporate Member (Fellow or Member).

Summary of the nomination process for those considering proposing a Member for a Fellowship :

  • The Proposer completes the Nomination form and supporting statement.
  • The Proposer sends the Nomination Form, together with an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae or completed Fellowship Qualifications and Experience Form, to the two Supporters. Each Supporter reviews the nomination and supporting document(s) and completes a Nomination Supporter Form which they return to the Proposer.
  • The Proposer sends the completed Nomination and Supporter forms, and all supporting documentation, to the Secretariat. Upon receipt, the Secretariat will circulate the nomination to the Council of Trustees. If approved, the nomination will be ratified at the next Council meeting. 
  • Fellowship certificates are presented at the next AGM. However, as soon as Council approves the nomination, the Secretariat will contact the new Fellow to confirm their nomination has been approved. The new Fellow can then use the FCIHort designation immediately.

Before nominating a candidate for Fellowship, please read the full  Guidance notes for those proposing Fellows for more detailed information about the process. An Example of a Supporting Statement is also provided to assist in compiling this document.

Note that candidates for Fellowships must be Corporate Members of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture in order to be considered for nomination.

If you are a Corporate Member of the Institute, and feel that your qualifications and experience might mean you are suitably qualified to be considered for a Fellowship nomination, please consult the Criteria for assessing suitability for nomination for Fellowship to confirm this. You will then need to make contact with a current Fellow of the Institute in order to begin the nomination process. Please Contact Us if you need assistance with contacting a current Fellow.

Links to download the Criteria, Guidance notes and Supporting Statement example, and both Word and pdf versions of the Nomination Form, Supporters Form and Fellowship Qualifications and Experience Form are provided on the right of this page.

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Fellowship Criteria for assessing suitability (155.90KB, pdf)
Fellowship guidance notes for Proposers (173.39KB, pdf)
Fellowship supporting statement example (136.07KB, pdf)
Fellowship nomination form for use by Proposer (Word) (301.50KB, doc)
Fellowship nomination form for use by Proposer (pdf) (163.36KB, pdf)
Fellowship nomination form for use by Supporter (Word) (288.50KB, doc)
Fellowship nomination form for use by Supporter (pdf) (195.03KB, pdf)
Fellowship qualifications & Experience Form (Word) (254.00KB, doc)
Fellowship qualifications & Experience Form (pdf) (237.10KB, pdf)


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