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President's Award recipients

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Chris Beardshaw - President's Award Holder 2010

The President’s Award

An Award made each year to an individual of the President’s choice and endorsed by the Executive Committee.

Recipients of the President’s Award 

1993 Professor John K A Bleasdale, CBE, FCIHort
1994 Herman Baarda, MBE, FCIHort
1995 Alan Bloom, MBE
1996 Professor Edward Clarke FCIHort (Hon)
1997 Professor Conway Wood FCIHort (Hon))
1998 Professor Lance Sanderson FCIHort
1999 Cyril J (Mitch) Mitchelmore FCIHort
2000 George Lockie, CBE, VMH, FCIHort (Hon)
2001 Michael Pollock AHRHS, FCIHort
2002 Kenneth Turner FCIHort
2003 Dr Jim Flegg, OBE, FCIHort
2004 Professor Duncan Greenwood, CBE, FRS, FCIHort
2005 Richard Hirst FCIHort
2006 Peter Grimbly FCIHort
2007 Susan Nicholas FCIHort
2008 Professor Geoff R Dixon FCIHort
2009 Charles Nottcutt OBE, VMH, Hon DCL, FCIHort
2010 Chris Beardshaw
2011 Roy Lancaster OBE, VMH, FCIHort FLS
2012 No Award made
2013 Ian Nelson
2014 Douglas Mackay MCIHort 
2015 Dr Heather Barrett-Mold C Hort FCIHort 

Dr Heather Barrett-Mold profile - President's Award 2015

Douglas Mackay profile - President's Award 2014

Roy Lancaster profile - President's Award 2011

Chris Beardshaw profile - President's Award 2010

Charles Nottcut profile - President's Award 2009


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