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Membership fees 2016

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Join now and enjoy full membership benefits! 

Fellow £139
Member £110
Associate £86
Affiliate £86
Student £25
Group Membership £268 

Retired membership fees: 
Retired Fellow £70*
Retired Member £55*
Retired Associate £43*
Retired Affiliate £43*

* Members must be age 60 or over and have been members for five consecutive years prior to applying for retired membership, and must not be engaged in any significant remunerated employment or consultancy.

Life Membership
Life Membership is available on application, in advance, for retired members eligible as above. The lump sum payment is due on 1st January or on the anniversary of their joining, and will be ten times the current rate of membership for their category (e.g. Fellow, Member). The amount due beyond the age of 60 will be discounted according to age, on the basis of 5% discount for every year beyond 60 to a limit of half the sum due at age 70 and beyond.

Partner Membership Discount
Where two members are living at the same address, and do not wish to receive two copies of The Horticulturist and other mailings a discount of 50% is available on one member's subscription. Each member will be graded individually according to the criteria and the discount will apply to the lower of the two membership fees. Student members or those claiming a retired or other discount are not eligible.

Subscription payment
Subscriptions may be paid in one payment by direct debit, by cheque or by bank transfer. Cheques should be made payable to the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. Please contact us to obtain bank details for transfer payments.

Reduced Subscription Rates
The Chartered Institute of Horticulture wants to support its membership at all stages of their careers and recognises that there are sometimes circumstances where the full subscription rate cannot be met. Please consult the Reduced Subscription Rate Guidelines for details of the circumstances in which an application for a Reduced Subscription Rate may be granted.

Group membership

The Group Membership offer extends to up to three individuals, who will each receive all correspondence from the Institute including The Horticulturist quarterly journal and the monthly e-Horticulturist.  More information.

For organisations wishing to join 10 or more individuals at the outset, the Institute offers a discounted membership of 25% per subscription. More information


Subscriptions are allowable against UK Income Tax under ‘Fees or subscriptions to professional bodies’. Contact your Tax Office for information. 

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