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Structure and governance

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An elected Council governs and controls the affairs of the Institute except for those matters which have to be dealt with through a General Meeting of the Institute.

The Council comprises:

  • The Honorary Officers of the Institute, currently the President, the President-Elect, Vice-President (Branches), the Honorary Treasurer, the Honorary Secretary, the Immediate Past President
  • The Chairpersons of Standing Committees appointed by the Council, currently Horticultural Affairs, Horticulture Training, Education and Careers (HorTECC) and Membership and Business Delivery (M&BD)
  • Corporate members elected to represent sector interests, currently Amenity, Commercial, Education, Advisory and Research
  • Representatives of the regional Branches of the Institute, currently eight in number, plus a representative of overseas members

Current members of Council can be seen here Click here for the Governance Structure

Council meets at least twice each year and there is an Annual General Meeting of the Institute not later than October 31 each year when officers and members of Council are elected.

Council appoints standing committees to advise it in the management of the affairs of the Institute, as above.

Regional Branches are recognised and encouraged by the Council. Currently there are eight branches covering all parts of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The Institute's Royal Charter and Bye-Laws

The Institute is administered from offices at Capel Manor College, Enfield, through a Service Level Agreement between the Institute and the College. Contact the Secretariat

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