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The Chartered Institute of Horticulture (CIH) is the only organisation that can truly claim to bring together all professionals involved with every aspect and facet of the diverse industry that is horticulture. There are organisations concerned with such specialist areas as plant propagation, bedding plant production, golf greenkeeping - and many more - but most horticulturists, whatever the career path they have chosen within horticulture, see themselves as part of the broader industry and have much in common with, and much they want to share with, their colleagues in other areas of horticulture.

The Institute provides the opportunity to associate with those colleagues through technical and social gatherings, through its publications, on its website and through schemes such as the mentoring and CPD initiatives currently being developed by the Institute.

Membership of the Institute is open to all those who work in horticulture or have an involvement in horticulture or related areas such as the marketing or distribution of produce, journalism, or the provision of equipment and machinery. The Institute's aims and interests reach across all sectors of the industry and members are identified with broad professional groupings most closely matching their own interests: commercial horticulture, amenity horticulture, education and training and research and advisory. Members are allocated to the regional branch of their choice within the United Kingdom and Ireland, although members have access to the activities of any of the branches. Overseas applicants are welcomed.

The Institute has various grades of membership to cater for all professional horticulturists. The Institute welcomes young horticulturists and those who are new to the industry who may join as Affiliate or student members. Members can progress through the membership grades as their career develops and on achieving the necessary experience and/or further qualifications. Membership criteria

Membership of the Institute, and the recognition of the professional standards members must achieve to use the letters FCIHort, MCIHort and ACIHort after their names, provides a unifying force that draws together horticulturists who may be pursuing very different career paths and “uniting a growing profession”.

The Institute invites you to find out more about the benefits of membership or to join today


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